Do you want to change your life? We are looking for 10 Men&Women to transform in our 60-day kick-start program.
Our Program Includes:
 ⏰ Goal accountability & support
🥕Customized nutrition program from certified health coach
🍎CrossFit Credence Nutrition Guide and online platform to learn how to balance and reach your goals long-term
🛒Shopping lists to simplify your life when at the grocery store
💪3+/week led by a professional trainer
📉InBody Test: measure body fat %, lean muscle mass and body composition
🏋️‍♀️Training specifically for fat loss and muscle development
👩‍🏫Primary coach assigned to you to answer all your health & fitness questions and guide you through the entire journey
💬Access to private FB group with continued support & encouragement
👙Proven Results
🌟& so much more!
Why do some people lose weight and others only hope?
Some do it with help.
A coach and community make all the difference
No more workout out by yourself
No more trying to motivate yourself.
No more trying to teach yourself.
No more giving up on yourself.
  • Are you able to attend 3 classes per week?
  • ​Are you willing to be disciplined enough to apply our nutrition plan? The program does not work without your consistency and efforts. We give you the tools to succeed, you just have to use it!
  • ​Do you want to see real results? We do too! The coaches and staff want you to succeed but your desire to change must be greater than ours. 
  • ​Are you looking to gain muscle? No problem... this challenge won’t be solely about losing weight, and everyone may come with a different goal in mind. That’s what makes the class unique!
  • Will you allow us to take your before and after photos or track your awesome progress?
  • ​Can you fully commit to the entire length of the program? There will be difficult workouts and challenges we will take you through. We want participants who will see it through the 60-days and beyond!
  • ​Are you ready to be stronger together? Our community is what makes this program work! Being a team player is an absolute must :) 
  • ​Are you respectful? We need your respect for both the coaches and rules of our gym to protect our culture and give you the best experience possible.
Will you be our next success story?
Dave and Allie Timm
Owner - CrossFit Credence
10+ Years in the Fitness Industry
CrossFit Credence was created for individuals who want to take back control, take steps towards a healthier life physically & mentally and find a place that makes them feel empowered.

Our program is for real men and women that are ready and willing to make time for themselves, put in the work, and see real long-term results. 

Those who commit to the process of transformation through exercise, healthy eating and positive lifestyle changes realize amazing results both inside the gym and out. We provide a easy, done-for-you program that just takes dedication and your best effort.
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